Our Vision

What We Don’t Know
Can’t Heal Us

Treehouse Biotech was founded in 2015 in pursuit of an entirely new frontier of cannabinoid-based research and product development. By establishing the economic and scientific viability of major- and minor-cannabinoid research, our vision is to provide companies and research institutions the science and support needed to develop the products and medicines of tomorrow.

Today, investigation of this unique class of compounds is just beginning. We aim to drastically expand the scope of current industry research, targeting an abundance of the cannabinoids to unlock near-infinite pharmaceutical possibilities for custom-tailored combinations of cannabinoids and potencies.


Treehouse Biotech maintains an unwavering standard of ethical business practices, compliant procedures, and transparent sourcing.

Quality Assurance

We maintain our high standard of quality by combining advanced
in-house analytical capabilities, third-party analyses, and manufacturing accreditation.  Analytical Instruments: 

Proactive Compliance

We take a conservative approach to operations, adhering
to all industry-specific laws including FDA, OSHA, and CDPHE while anticipating future U.S. and international regulation
in our product development.

Accreditation Pipeline

  • CDPHE Food Manufacturer License – Current
  • cGMP Certification – Expected December 2018
  • ISO 9000 – Expected December 2018
  • SQF – Expected February 2019

Environmental Health

Our commitment to becoming a net-zero manufacturer is
at the heart of our innovation. We refuse to settle for anything less than the complete utilization of every waste stream.

Financial Responsibility

Our finances are certified monthly by third-party
accounting firms. We only work with firms who are
regularly audited by the Big Five.

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Treehouse Biotech is pioneering scientific advances in the chemistry and biochemistry of cannabinoids. With more than 70 known naturally-occurring cannabinoids, we recognize the immense unexplored potential of this unique class of compounds. Our team of trained organic, analytical, and natural product chemists is able to provide unique and advanced solutions for research and development in the industrial hemp space.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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