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Rare Cannabinoids

As the industry begins to investigate the medicinal characteristics of cannabinoids, preliminary data shows this under-examined class of compounds may offer hope for the treatment of many health and psychological disorders. Yet, with the industry studying only a small handful of the over 70 known cannabinoids, their full potential is still far from understood.

Limitless Potential

At Treehouse Biotech, we recognize the expansion of this research promises to not only unlock a vast scientific territory, but also a wealth of unforeseen benefits for human health. Propelled by this vision and an innovative team of organic, analytical, and natural product chemists, our team is pursuing the industry-leading research needed to push the field forward. Molecule by molecule, we are pioneering the chemistry and biochemistry of cannabinoids. Meet our scientific leadership here >

Chemical Constituents in cannabis

Cannabinoids known to-date

cannabinoids Marginally Studied


*Elsohly, M. A., & Slade, D. (2005). Chemical constituents of marijuana: the complex mixture of natural cannabinoids. Life Sciences, 78(5), 539-548.

Our Advantage

Cutting-Edge Research

We are propelled by a core group of ambitious PhD scientists, united in the pursuit of responsible research, application, and innovation.
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High-Capacity Production

Our R&D team works closely with process chemists, ensuring quick, easy transitions and seamless production of useful compounds — from milligrams to kilograms.
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Quality Assurance

We combine advanced in-house analytical capabilities and quality-control procedures with third-party analyses, and accreditations.
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Treehouse Biotech is pioneering scientific advances in the chemistry and biochemistry of cannabinoids. With more than 70 known naturally-occurring cannabinoids, we recognize the immense unexplored potential of this unique class of compounds. Our team of trained organic, analytical, and natural product chemists is able to provide unique and advanced solutions for research and development in the industrial hemp space.

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